About Us

The QUEEN CITY MOBILE FOOD TRUCK ASSOCIATION was founded in 2017 to help foster the growth of the mobile street vending industry in Southwest Ohio. Our primary focus is to educate and advocate on behalf of our Members for food truck friendly laws in the communities we serve. We partner with local nonprofits, corporations, community organizations, events, and private individuals to provide quality mobile street food options.

"The QCMFTA has been instrumental in providing us with the education and resources to operate a successful mobile vending business. We could not have achieved

what we have without their support and guidance"

Our Mission

Our Mission is to educate and advocate on behalf of our Members to create business opportunities designed to help mobile food vendors operate successful businesses. 


Our Vision

Our Vision is to create a unified community of street food vendors that operate successful mobile food vending businesses while adhering to and following all local, State and Federal guidelines as they apply to our industry.

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