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Food Truck Rotation & Indoor Catering

Food trucks are an increasingly popular lunch option for some of Cincinnati's largest employers and community neighborhoods.

As an employer, it’s important to think of creative ways to get your team excited and motivated, and hiring food trucks to provide quality street food options to your employees is a great catering solution. It livens up the workplace and gets people buzzing the moment they walk into work and know that there's going to be a food truck on site.


Boost Morale

Getting through a slow Friday can be arduous. Employees may lose motivation to perform their work with the weekend so close, and general office morale can drop. A food truck not only brings delicious food but they also provide a great reason for team members to congregate over lunch. It will provide a mood boost that everyone will carry throughout the day, and can even lead to strengthening bonds and building new friendships among your staff and various departments.

Incentive-Based Lunch Rewards

It’s known that in business, happy employees are productive employees. To keep things positive, you can use a food truck as an incentive to keep employees working hard. Delectable food and a chance to get outside and take a break will raise workplace happiness and enjoyment. We also provide businesses with Truck Bucks that can be issued out to employees as performance incentives such as the number of days a department goes accident-free, or certain sales quotas that get met by your sales force, attendance records and more. Everybody loves a free lunch and when it comes from a food truck it's even better!

Employee & Contractor Appreciation Events

Show your employees, business partners, or contractors, just how much you appreciate their relationship with your business. Food trucks are perfect for a surprise or pre-planned event. You can also try to mix it in with other office activities each week to keep things exciting.  If you’re looking for a food truck for your next event or would like to set-up a regular rotation of food trucks, give us a call and we'll get your food truck program set up and going.




On-Site Indoor Catering

If the weather is bad or you're simply seeking an indoor catering solution, many of our food truck members are also catering professionals that can execute their mobile food truck menus indoors. There are a few simple requirements needed such as meeting a catering minimum, providing access to water and electrical services and working with us to implement a program to notify your staff and employees.

All Of Our Food Trucks & Catering Professionals Are Fully Insured.

All of our food trucks are insured and are required to name each of our Corporate partner locations as additionally insured prior to setting up outside or inside your place of business.


Quality Food Choices

More and more people prefer custom catering choices than the same old fast-food burger joints that have been serving up the same food for the last 20 years. By having the Queen City Mobile Food Truck Association manage your corporate catering program, you can be sure that you'll be getting a wide variety of choices every time we set up at your location.

Minimum Order Requirements

As with any catering order, we have a minimum catering requirement for both food trucks and indoor catering solutions. Feel free to contact us for a free no-obligation consultation. We're here when you're ready to launch a successful food truck and or catering program for your business.

Reach out to us when you're ready to get going.

Some Of Greater Cincinnati's Finest Businesses Rotate Food Trucks On A Weekly Basis!

Your HR Department Has Better Things To Focus On... Like Your Business.

Let Us Manage Your Food Truck & Catering Programs.

CATERING MINIMUMS MAY BE REQUIRED.  All of our food trucks are independently owned and operated small businesses. As such, they need to ensure their time preparing for and staffing for all catering services will meet their individual requirements. These minimums are required by almost all food trucks operating in Greater Cincinnati. While minimums may vary from food truck to food truck, most street food vendors require a $800.00 minimum. For your convenience and the convenience of our food trucks, we have a minimum catering agreement published below, which when executed, can serve as a legal and binding agreement for both parties.

In Person

Schedule a time for one of our catering professionals to meet with you at your place of business and go over your location and all of

our food truck and catering solutions.


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