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are you ready to start your street food business?

One of the biggest barriers to getting into the local food truck industry is finding a quality fabrication company that can help you realize your vision for your mobile food unit operation. Whether you're seeking to build out a food truck, trailer, cart, shipping container, or convert an existing box truck, RV, or bus, SFV can help.

The Queen City Mobile Food Truck Association has partnered with a locally owned custom fabrication company called Street Food Ventures to provide aspiring foodpreneurs with full-service custom concession fabrication services based right here in Cincinnati.


SFV offers everything from custom concession unit fabrication, propane installation, upgrades and repairs, electrical and wiring, equipment upgrades and installation, plumbing installation, lighting, power source installation, custom vehicle wraps and more.


SFV is your one-stop-shop for any type of mobile food vending.

Fabrication time frames vary based on the complexity of the project but typical lead times range between 8-12 weeks. More complex projects may take longer.


SFV can work on existing mobile units or help find the right mobile unit based on your budget and the type of menu and equipment you wish to have.


Give them a call when you're ready to get started for a free, no obligation consultation. 

OFFICE: # 513.360-7105

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