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The following information has been accumulated and posted here for all aspiring and current street food vendors so that you can find the proper information and contacts to comply with local, regional, and State statutes when it comes to opening and/or operating a successful mobile food unit. It is our hope that this information will save you time and answer the questions you might have in regards to permits and applications. 



The Cincinnati Health Department is different from the Hamilton County Health Department although they both cover the same jurisdiction.  If your business is going to operate from an address inside Cincinnati City Limits, you will be inspected by the City of Cincinnati Health Department.  If your business address is outside of City Limits, you'll be inspected by the Hamilton County Health Department unless you are operating from a Norwood address or a City of Springdale address.  Norwood and Springdale have their own independent Health Departments. 


City of Cincinnati Health Department

3845 Wm. P. Dooley By-Pass
Cincinnati, OH 45223
Contact: (513) 564-1751


Mobile Food Truck Guidelines  

(Click to download document)

Mobile Food Unit Application

(Click to download document)




The Cincinnati Fire Department has released the newest Fire Safety Code Guidelines for mobile units. There are many NEW requirements that mobile food units must comply with but for the most part, if you can pass the following checklist upon inspection, you should be good to go.

State of Ohio Fire Inspection Code Requirements Link

Download the Fire Inspection criteria here.


Food Truck Permits applications and payment for the 2023 operating season have been updated and applications are now digital.

To get started, you will first need to register for a CAGIS ezTrak Edge account by going to then click on the Register link.  Registration takes only a few minutes. Step-by-step walkthrough: Creating an ezTrak Edge Account.

After registration and logging into the CAGIS ezTrak Edge system, you will follow the step-by-step instructions to create a new application: Working with the Fire Food Truck Permit.

If you already have a food truck permit for this season, you are still encouraged to establish an account for ease of renewal.  Please use the same link to set up the account and your payment will be applied for this year by a member at Cincinnati Fire Prevention.


Fire Department Contacts

Specialist David Mingo: 513-357-7588

Specialist Maurice Lang: 513-357-7591

Fire Prevention Captain

Robert A. Hart

Fire Prevention Captain

City of Cincinnati Fire & EMS

Two Centennial Plaza

805 Central Ave, Suite 500

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

P (513) 357-7597

C (513) 241-1402


If you are planning to operate in the City of Blue Ash you will need to have your mobile unit inspected by the City of Blue Ash Fire Department prior to being permitted to attend or sell food from your mobile unit.


We have listed the documents here that you can download and use as a guideline for getting your mobile unit inspected.  In addition to these NEW requirements, you will need to schedule a time to have your mobile unit inspected.  On-site inspections are not going to be done and therefore you need to contact the Blue Ash Fire Department to have your mobile unit inspected.


To Schedule Your Inspection Please Contact The City of Blue Ash Fire Department.


Heath Waxman

Fire Marshal

Blue Ash Fire Department

10647 Kenwood Road

Blue Ash, Ohio  45242

Phone: 513.745.8679


301 S. 3 rd Street Hamilton, Ohio, 45011

PH: (513) 863-1770








There are a number of designated Mobile Food Truck Vending Sites around the Downtown Cincinnati area.  These sites are open to any Licensed and Insured Mobile Food Vendor operating in the Queen City.  However, to occupy any of these designated spaces you must first obtain a Revocable Street Permit from the City of Cincinnati.


Once you have obtained this permit you can occupy any of the designated spaces and serve food from these locations from 6:00 AM - 3 PM


To view the Cincinnati Municipal Code and to see the locations of Designated Food Truck Zones click here.


For more information about the Revocable Street Privilege (RSP)
Mobile Street Program you can contact:


Trisha Blake, R.S.

Senior Sanitarian

Cincinnati Health Department

805 Central Ave, Ste 500

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202



Hamilton County Health Department.

A food service operation that is operated from a movable vehicle, portable structure, or watercraft and that routinely changes location must obtain a license from Hamilton County Public Health. Mobile food service operation includes a foodservice operation that does not remain at any one location for more than 40 consecutive days and serves, in a manner consistent with division (F) of section 3717.01 of the Revised Code.­­­


To obtain your license you need to complete the Application for a License to Conduct a Food Service Operation.  If you're in need of a Temporary Food Permit only, please click the Temporary Food Permit link below.  This is for special events where your Mobile Food Permit does not apply.  If you're not sure you can contact the Health Department at 513.946.7800.


View Food Operation Licensing Fees. For further information about your facility’s specific fees, contact (513) 946-7800.


Additional Resources

  • Application for a License to Conduct a Mobile Food Service Operation

  • Mobile Food Operation Requirements Checklist

  • Temporary Food Permit



Norwood Health Department.

To obtain your license you need to complete the Application for a License to Conduct a Mobile Food Service Operation.  The inspection of your mobile unit can take place at your business operations or you can bring your mobile unit to the address listed below.


You cannot park your mobile food unit in the City of Norwood on the streets when it is not in operation.  Unless you have off-street parking in a privately owned lot or storage space, your mobile unit must be stored outside of Norwood City Limits.


Norwood Health Department

2059 Sherman Ave.

Norwood, Ohio 45212

Contact: (513) 458-4600

Inspector: Brian Williamson


Springdale Health Department

City of Springdale Health Department

11700 Springfield Pike

Springdale, Ohio 45246

Contact: (513) 346-5725

Inspector: Ella Jergens




Butler County Health Department

301 South Third Street

Hamilton, Ohio 45011  

Contact: (513) 863-1770




Warren County Health Department

416 S. East Street
Lebanon, OH 45036
Contact: (513) 695-1220


Mobile Plan Review Guidelines And Application


Northern Kentucky Health Department

610 Medical Village Dr.
Edgewood, KY 41017
Contact: (859) 363-2027

Inspector: Ted Talley


Mobile Food Truck Permits And Licenses in Kentucky require a separate permit than those issued in Ohio. Northern Kentucky requires that all mobile food units be inspected and passed by a Licensed Kentucky State Plumber and meet all Kentucky State Plumbing Guidelines. 


The Northern Kentucky Health Department can arrange to have your mobile food unit inspected by a State Licensed Plumber at their location.  Once your mobile unit is approved by the plumber, you will receive a sticker indicating your approval and you will be able to move forward with your Health Department Inspection.


Below are the basic requirements regarding the Kentucky statewide mobile permit (food truck)

  • Units must be fully enclosed, with a pass-through window 

  • Hot and cold running water under pressure 

  • 3 compartment sink, large enough to accommodate your items

  • Separate Hand Washing Sink 

  • Wastewater retention tank 50% larger than supply tank 

  • Supply water tank must be approved for drinking water - NSF or EPA 

  • KY State plumbing approval required 


Permit fee is $160/year.


Once approved, your permit will be recognized by all KY health departments.  


For plumbing questions, please call 859-341-8228  The best time to reach someone in this department is between

7:30 AM and 8:00 AM


Northern Kentucky Temporary Food Permit


Brown County Health Department

826 Mt. Orab Pike Georgetown, Ohio 45121
Contact: (937) 378-6892 Ext. 103

Inspector: Heather Sloat


The mobile license fee is $148.00.  Requirements include three basin sink for washing equipment, a separate hand washing sink, running hot and cold water to faucets and all equipment needs to be NSF approved.

Can I Sell Alcohol From My Mobile Unit?

To put it in simple terms, NO!  You are not permitted to sell alcohol from a mobile unit in the State of Ohio. Food based items that contain less than one half of 1% ABV may be offered for sale but the vendor must apply for and receive a permit from the Division of Liquor Control.


For more information you can contact the Division of Liquor Control at the number below or follow the link provided to learn more about Ohio's Liquor Control Codes.

p. 614-644-2360

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