1. The Queen City Mobile Food Truck Association Truck Bucks® program is available to registered QCMFTA Member trucks only. To participate and receive redemption payments your Membership Dues must be paid in full and you must be an actively operating mobile unit.

  2. You must enroll in this program by filling out the required enrollment application information. Redemption payouts will only be forwarded to enrolled QCMFTA member trucks.

  3. You Agree to download the GiftUp redemption app onto your point of sale system or mobile phone in order to scan QCMFTA Truck Bucks® presented for redemption. No funds will be distributed without redemption verification via the program app. To download the GiftUp app please click here.

  4. Participating mobile businesses are eligible to receive redemption payouts daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. You will not receive any payouts if your QCMFTA Membership expires or is not in good standing prior to or after your selected payout option. Suspended or removed Members from the QCMFTA will no longer be eligible to participate in the program or receive redemption payouts.

  5. You Agree to accept QCMFTA Truck Bucks® at any public location where consumers may present QCMFTA Truck Bucks® at your service window for redemption. No change is to be given toward any redemption amount. Any difference between the cost of your food items and the face value of the Truck Buck® being presented is the responsibility of the individual redeemer and must be paid at the time of purchase/order.

  6. Truck Bucks® are not to be used in conjunction with any other discount or coupon offer and may only be redeemed at participating food trucks enrolled in the QCMFTA Truck Bucks® program.

  7. Program Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notification. You Agree to the current Terms & Conditions of this program upon enrolling your mobile unit into the @QCMFTA Truck Bucks® program. 


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